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Dream Line IT Solution is most trusted technology solution experts, providing IT services and Solutions for Business to grow online. Since 2007 we have assisted so many business to get organized online. Our Support, and Data-Centers are Network in USA has become one of The premier IT Services Suppliers for companies of all sizes in USA, UK and BANGLADESH Market. Our objective is to provide premium Quality IT Services and Solutions to our customers and make it easier.

  • 24x7x365 Support
    30 Min or less Response Times
  • Based In
    USA. , UK and Bangladesh.
  • Enterprise-Grade
    Hardware, WD SATA and Intel SSD’s
  • Personal Service
    via Account Managers
  • Data Centers
    With Strongest Network
  • 100% Network
    Uptime SLA
  • Innovation
    Develop Cutting EDGE Solutions.
  • Professionalism
    Display Professionalism
    Through your actions.
  • Live Inquiry
    Live Chat 24/7
  • Network Connection
    Directly Connect to Major Network
  • Monitoring
    Real-Time Monitoring
  • Data Security
    Ensure about Data Security

First Company Achivement

We got our first 100 customers within 3 months which was a big achievement for us. At the same year we expand our business to Asia pacific zone.


``First Colocation``

We have started our first colocation in New York, USA. At the same year we invested a lot to purchase own hardware.

``Expand in New Jersey``

We have expanded our company colocation to New Jersey. This new location had double capacity than our old datacenter.


``Worst Year of Business``

It was the worst year of our business. Our datacenter had to shutdown their business due to their own problem. They closed their business so we got 12 hours downtime loses investor, loses customers.

``A New Journey``

We never felt down our client. After that biggest incident we recover within a week and move our all machines to Equinix. Within few months we have expanded our datacenter to another top class datacenter DFW dallas location.


``Growing in USA``

At this year we have expanded our business in Chicago, New York Metro, Atlanta and Germany. We have also buy latest hardware for our Buffalo and Dallas location.

``Expanding Services``

We have expanded services to Europe, South Asia, Saudi Arab, Dubai. We also improved our support service and providing 24/7/365 live chat support. In the mean time we got our own IP block from APNIC and ARIN.

``Growing Quickly``

To improve our service in asia we have setup colocation in Bangladesh. We got 2000+ customers in Bangladesh within two year. We sponsored many Bangladeshi program including E-Cab, BDHPA and doing very good social activities.